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JOSEPHJoining Up Organisations to Support New Engineering Pathways Into Higher Education (UK)
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Have you and Emmy been quarrelling already with Joseph, that he wants to be off?
I promised Bonamy of our service, sir," said Joseph, "to dine with him.
In their presence," pursued Pumblechook, "I will tell you, young man, what to say to Joseph.
Say you said that, and even Joseph will probably betray surprise.
Aunt Jamesina had brought with her not only the Sarah-cat but Joseph.
She couldn't take Joseph with her so she begged me to take him.
A high wind blustered round the house, and roared in the chimney: it sounded wild and stormy, yet it was not cold, and we were all together - I, a little removed from the hearth, busy at my knitting, and Joseph reading his Bible near the table
Joseph Alexeevich is living poorly and has for three years been suffering from a painful disease of the bladder.
You have no bill or demand upon me--my name is Bowley, Sir Joseph Bowley--of any kind from anybody, have you?
Joseph was the favorite, and that was one crime in the eyes of his brethren; he had dreamed dreams, and interpreted them to foreshadow his elevation far above all his family in the far future, and that was another; he was dressed well and had doubtless displayed the harmless vanity of youth in keeping the fact prominently before his brothers.
Sensible men who had wind of the story began by saying that Joseph Buquet had been the victim of a joke played by one of his assistants.
That very night a telegram was sent from the station of Long's Peak by Joseph T.