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JOSSJournal of Systems and Software
JOSSJos Ja Vain Jos (Finnish)
JOSSJoint Office for Scientific Support (UCAR)
JOSSJoint Overseas Switching System
JOSSJoint Object Services Specification
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This will further improve our business growth and we are pleased to welcome Joss Technology customers to the AIM Software user community.
About JOSS Realty Partners JOSS is a private owner/operator-focused real estate investment management firm headquartered in New York City.
When we think about marketing, it's about presenting and showing how to use the pieces and put them together," said Mitra Morgan, co-founder and chief curator of Joss and Main.
Joss has also written a song for the computer game, along with the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart.
Joss and wife Kathryn were so excited when they were told they could not sleep - Joss had thought he would never see his brother again.
Word soon spread because the venue filled up more than an hour before Joss was due to grace the stage.
For many years, PT Bintang Toedjoe had used a hot stamp hologram to differentiate Extra Joss from counterfeited products, but came to recognise that this device was itself prone to being copied.
Well capitalized after raising a $100 million investment fund, JOSS expects to expand its office holdings either in Manhattan or any of the other three markets where it focuses; south Florida, Philadelphia and Washington D.
Soul star Joss Stone also has a cameo, playing an ethereal fortune teller called Angela.
South Wales Police issued the warning this week following a threat by green campaigner and peace activist Joss Garman, who says airports in Cardiff and Swansea are next on his hit-list.
Influenced by a newspaper article upon the death of jazz pianist Billy-Tipton, a white woman who lived her life as a man, Kay constructs Joss Moody, a black Scottish trumpeter who lived his life as a man and was discovered to be anatomically female after he died.
Her first novel, Trumpet (1998), is about the life of Joss Moody, jazz trumpeter, as recalled by his family and friends following his death.