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And it was Jous that the Brazilian decided to use on the training pitches to practice and perfect his penalties and free-kicks.
Jous was a fresh-faced 17-year-old when Ronaldinho was making the rest of world football sit up and take notice of his dazzling skills, prominent teeth and flowing locks.
Jous blew his lips and flicked his eyes towards the Derry skyline.
Jous was at PSG at the same time as many players who went on to become household names in the Premiership - Jay Jay Okocha, Gabriel Heinz and Nicolas Anelka included.
Jous spent four years at PSG before moving to Cannes where his career suffered as a result of two serious injuries to his hamstring and calf.
Jous was almost beaten again just a minute later but reacted in time to turn Gary Browne's curling free-kick wide.
If McCallion was looking for a lesson on volleying, it came just two minutes later when Morgan woke the home support with a stunning 35-yard shot that caught Jous off his line.
INSTITUTE: Jous 6 - Boyle 6, Blair 6, Ngoma 6, Ketchanke 6 (Smith, 65 mins, 6) - Ogilby 6, McCreadie 6, Divin 6 (Mullan, 55 mins, 6), *RAMSEY 7 - McCallion 6, McIlmoyle 6 (Cassidy, 55 mins, 6).
Guy then raced on to a long ball from Marc Robinson but his shot hit a post with Jous stranded.
INSTITUTE: Jous 7 (Sproule 58), Boyle 6, Mullan 6, Ngoma 7, Ogilby 6, Ketchanke 6, McCready 6, Divin 7, Ramsey 6, McCallion 7, McIlmoyle 7.