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JOVIALJule's Own Version of the International Algebraic Language
JOVIALJunior Officer's Version of an Incomprehensible Arithmetic Lanquage
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You would not have blamed Robin Hood for wanting to laugh, had you heard this serious two-faced talk and then seen this jovial one-faced man.
Well, Sir Naturalist," said the Canadian, in a slightly jovial tone, "and the Mediterranean?
He threw a pine cone at a jovial squirrel, and he ran with chattering fear.
Musqueton instantly assumed a jovial countenance, saddled the horses quickly and mounted his own without making faces over it.
Behind this lightsome couple, so close to the Maypole that its boughs shaded his jovial face, stood the figure of an English priest, canonically dressed, yet decked with flowers, in heathen fashion, and wearing a chaplet of the native vine leaves.
They pronounced the captain the finest fellow in the world, and his men all bons gar‡ons, jovial lads, and swore they would pass the day with them.
The two men uttered a shout of jovial laughter, and, instead of answering, threw on more wood.
At length the jovial cry was given of "an Indian camp
He was evidently doing his utmost, with a kind of jovial tenderness, to make life agreeable to Valentin to the last, and help him as little as possible to miss the Boulevard des Italiens; but what chiefly occupied his mind was the mystery of a bungling brewer's son making so neat a shot.
Then those jovial mariners swung off into the mist, and the last Harvey heard was a gay chorus:
The professor was an elderly personage, apparently of genial nature, and habits that might almost be called jovial.
He himself is a cheery and jovial person and he laughed with me quite readily - but I got the order before dark all right.