JP8Jet Propulsion fuel, type 8
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The conversion from JP8 to Jet A with additives, which began with demonstrations at four Air Force bases in November 2009, was completed Oct.
When exposed to JP8 fuel, the fluorosilicone materials maintained their relative mass, whereas the dimethyl silicone formulations experienced extreme swelling.
This policy also states, "a) Authorized primary fuels for all Navy and Marine Corps aircraft: JP-5, JP8 & b) Authorized alternate fuels for all Navy and Marine Corps aircraft: Jet A, Jet A-1, and TS-1 (TO42B1-1-14, 2006).
The recharger and generator would have a fuel cell but would be powered by JP8, he said.
While we have built many reformers that run on natural gas, propane, gasoline and ethanol, the use of JP8 as a feedstock can be somewhat tricky," said Unitel vice president Steve Calderone.
One 5K JP8 tanker (M939) and one MOGAS TPU (M1095) are a minimum requirement for sustaining operations.
Test fluids included JP8 and JP8 + 100 jet fuels, and hydraulic fluids MIL-PRF-83282 and MIL-PRF-87257.
When used with liquid fuels (including naphtha, gasoline, kerosene, JP8, diesel fuel, and alcohols), the vapor produced by a CFV burns more like natural gas, enabling greatly simplified designs and the potential for significant emissions reductions.
On a daily basis, it issues, receives, and transports close to 200,000 gallons to support 12 different weapon systems and coalition aircraft To supplement this demand, the 363 (d) pioneered use of 210,000-gallon, fabric-coated tanks to store JP8 fuel.
It will also carry a new motorbike called the JP8, adopted from US special forces.
Prolonged exposure to EDB-laced JP8 jet fuel was specifically linked to "deterioration of the heart, liver, and kidneys and hemorrhages in the respiratory tract.
Unlike lightweight heavy fuel engines offered by other suppliers, Cosworth's engines use true compression ignition which delivers unbeatable fuel efficiency, the ability to run on a wide range of heavy fuels such as diesel, JP5 and JP8 with varying cetane and octane ratings, and low maintenance.