JPADSJoint Precision Airdrop System
JPADSJoint Precision Aerial Delivery System
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So while goods occasionally do need to be delivered with the precision only a VTOL aircraft can attain, LCLA is able to cheaply provide the accuracy required for the vast majority of supplies while JPADS has recently improved its accuracy providing pinpoint delivery at a higher price if this trade off is desired by the user.
Right now, there are more than a hundred JPADS 2K systems in theater," Benney said.
To improve JPADS for use in Afghanistan, a Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement has been submitted to request software upgrades that will better negotiate complex contours and improve airdrops by reducing delivery errors to within 25 meters of their targets.
First acquired in 2003, American forces have used JPADS built by both MMIST and Airborne Systems in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
When it was said to make this concept of JPADS a reality and we became Air Mobility Command's lead on this project, we started work right away," said Maj.
The development of joint systems such as BCS3, JPADS, and joint heavy-lift aircraft is helping to mitigate this problem.
Before the development of JPADS, air crews delivered supplies and vehicles of various weights at low altitudes, putting aircrews at additional risk and potentially revealing to the enemy the location of friendly ground forces.
The Joint Requirements Oversight Council recognized the importance of the program by ranking JPADS as its second highest priority for fiscal year 2004 technology demonstrations.
A JPADS component, the JPADS Mission Planner (JPADS-MP), was first used in Afghanistan last summer.
For instance, using multiple air refuelings, a current strategic airlifter could deliver JPADS loads directly into the theater, but this is an inelegant solution.
Army's Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (Natick), as a joint project of the Army and Air Force, JPADS has been in development for nearly a decade.
JPADS is a product of Army and Air Force collaboration.