JPALJapanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law
JPALJoint Precision Approach and Landing System
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At the closing, assuming the maximum raise in the private placement, JPAL contemplates having up to a total of approximately 18.
The consummation of the transaction is contingent on a number of factors, including but not limited to JPAL raising a minimum of $4.
Until March 2013, JPALS was envisioned as the single solution for meeting the PALC requirement for all service branches in any operating environment, eliminating the requirement for multiple and/or varying PAL systems.
JPALS will initially be integrated onto aircraft carriers, L-class ships, naval aircraft, and ground-based landing fields to provide a survivable, all-weather, day/night precision approach and landing capability.
JPALS is a Navy-accredited, ship-based precision approach and landing system supporting all-weather carrier-based operations day or night across the spectrum from training to combat.
The General Accountability Office is less than ecstatic about the Navy's oversight-evasive approach, especially as the Uclass is critically dependent on the development and delivery of other assets, such as Common Control System software and JPALS (Joint Precision Approach and Landing System).
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Plans call for JPALS to integrate into current and proposed naval landing systems.
Much like our soon-to-be-released (or not) Local Area Augmentation System, JPALS uses differential GPS for navigation.
JPALS uses the Global Positioning System, or GPS, as the enabling technology to provide accurate and reliable landing guidance for low visibility approaches.
Contract Awarded for the Joint Precision Approach and Landing System ( JPALS ).