JPALSJoint Precision Approach and Landing System
JPALSJSC Program Automated Library System
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While JPALS isn't used by the Air Force, the software is already in the F-35A, Clevland said.
In June 2013, the Navy Resources and Requirements Review Board directed the continuing development of JPALS for aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships and installation of ILS ashore through sundown of PAR by 2030, when ILS aircraft integration is scheduled for completion.
As the JPALS program progressed through the acquisition life cycle, the program was being asked more frequently to ensure O&S costs were as fully captured as possible--and being managed.
Troy Brunk, vice president and general manager for Communication, Navigation and Electronic Warfare Solutions at Rockwell Collins, said, 'The JPALS system provides a new level of safety for carrier-based pilots that will help them accomplish their challenging missions.
JPALS uses the Global Positioning System, or GPS, as the enabling technology to provide accurate and reliable landing guidance for low visibility approaches.
Per the contract, Raytheon will design, develop, manufacture, integrate, demonstrate and test the JPALS.
The JPALS signal will provide two additional advantages: It is highly jam-resistant, and it has a low probability of intercept.
In addition to developing the WAAS for the Federal Aviation Administration and JPALS for the Navy, Stanford is also working to deploy a complementary Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS) that will be used at major airports.
JPALS serves as an advanced aircraft landing system that employs Global Positioning System (GPS) data, thereby substituting radar-based systems.
LAAS and JPALS will provide an interoperable landing capability for military and civil applications.
JPALS is the future multi-service, low-visibility landing system that replaces aging systems with a single technology for all services and missions.