JPEOJoint Program Executive Office
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Our 350 Subject Matter Experts across the JPEO enterprise and the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear community, where we have an 85% retention rate, is the driving force behind our success.
A joint team of JPEO JTRS, commercial, and international system and software developers collaborated to produce the SCA new radio standard which defines a common framework for the deployment, management, interconnection and intercommunication of waveforms components in embedded, multiprocessor radios.
Elektrobit, JPEO JTRS, and Claude Belisle of Communications Research Center Canada Take Home Awards; Board Welcomes Four New Members
We are excited to continue providing the high-caliber support that JPEO has come to expect from The Tauri Group," said Ben Hagar, The Tauri Group's Program Manager.
As a JTRS-certified product, the AN/PRC-117G is considered compliant with the standards set forth by the JPEO JTRS and proven to be compatible with the Department of Defense network objectives.
For more information about JPEO JTRS contact the corporate communications and public affairs deputy director James J.
In early 2005 the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics ordered a partial Stop Work on the Cluster 1 program, appointed a Joint Program Executive Officer for the JTRS Enterprise, aligned all existing JTRS programs under the JTRS JPEO, directed the JTRS JPEO to conduct an assessment of all JTRS programs (Cluster 1, Cluster 2, Cluster 5, AMF, and MIDS-J) and directed the JPEO to provide a recommendation for realignment of all JTRS programs to deliver an achievable and affordable product to the Department of Defense.
The JTRS JPEO was stood up to enforce the standardization of common interfaces, protocols, link the common software application developments to the various hardware product line offices, facilitate information flow and tradeoffs among the various product line offices, and ensure a comprehensive and cohesive foundation is in place for JTRS success.
JPEO JTRS Announces Approval of COALWNW Operational Requirements
22, 2005, the JTRS JPEO presented three restructuring options to the members of the DAB.
Elektrobit, Harris, xG Technology xMax, JPEO JTRS, William Webb top the list; winners to be announced at SDR'11-WInnComm
The challenge, now, is proving to the acquisition community at JPEO that the technology is "ready for prime time," Emanuel said.