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10) With these emphases JPIC announced its resolution: "We will protest against all systems and regimes which encroach human rights and refuse the potential of individuals and groups.
10) It is worthwhile in this regard to look again at the Ecclesiology and Ethics study as a joint Faith and Order and JPIC initiative; see Thomas F.
Heino Falcke, who played a key role in the elaboration of the GDR proposal to the Vancouver assembly and in the subsequent JPIC process in the GDR and at the global level, provides a very personal account of his own encounter with Bonhoeffer's theology, in which the issues of peace, discipleship and freedom are intimately linked.
Nevertheless, despite the JPIC process, one of the dimensions of "just peace" that is often overlooked is that of "peace with the earth".
This commitment to JPIC is part and parcel of witnessing to and proclaiming the gospel as individuals, as communities and as an institution.
Today we should recognize that Christian cooperation with people of other faiths and beliefs that are also committed to the cause of JPIC is our missionary task.
The objectives of the JPIC convocation, as stated in a meeting of the executive committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in 1988, included promises "to make theological affirmations on justice, peace and the integrity of creation, and to identify the major threats to life in these three areas and show their interconnectedness, and make and propose to the churches acts of mutual commitment in response to them".
The central committee that immediately followed the assembly officially launched the JPIC programme in 1985.
JPIC--the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation conciliar process, leading to the International Convocation on JPIC held in Seoul in 1990.
The date here is significant given the World Convocation on JPIC (Seoul, 1990) and the WCC Assembly on "Come Holy Spirit, Renew Your Whole Creation" (Canberra, 1991), but also the period of transition to democracy in South Africa (1990-1994).
The developments in the GDR and eastern Europe impacted, Kunter suggests, on the WCC's 1990 Seoul World Convocation for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, which marked the culmination of the JPIC process, creating a "crisis for the ecumenical movement" (p.
Of special interest is the summary of his years in Geneva with the difficult JPIC project and the indecisive convocation in Seoul of 1990.