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JPIPJawa Pos Institute of Pro-Otonomi (Surabaya, Indonesia)
JPIPJustice Partnership and Innovation Program (Canada)
JPIPJPEG Interactive Protocol
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2008) the two layer architecture in which the second part of the system is based on JPIP protocol.
JPIP protocol defines a complete syntax for JPEG2000 image streaming and it is employed since 2004.
It would be even better if the string is formatted as a messaging format supporting image streaming such as OpenURL (Chute & Van de Sompel, 2009) or JPIP.
For the purpose of the test, we decided to base our parameter string on the syntax of JPIP communication protocol.
The better results are achieved, if parameter string is modeled after JPIP syntax, because JPIP syntax is native to JPEG2000 image format.
While similar functionality is currently offered with proprietary client/server products, JPIP introduces the first fully DICOM-compliant solution.
DICOM standards previously allowed only for transfer of entire image files, where JPIP adds the capability to transport portions of JPEG 2000 images on demand, such as a low-resolution version or a region of interest within an image.
More information about JPIP is available at http://www.
JPIP Client and Server Tools for viewing high resolution images with minimal network bandwidth requirements.
ImageGear Professional version 15, ImageGear Enterprise version 15, and ImageGear MD version 15 offer imaging application software developers many new features, including JPIP compression streaming protocol support, the ability to read and write vector data, enhancements to PDF file editing, medical waveform support and much more.
Support for the JPIP protocol, a compression streaming protocol that works with JPEG 2000 to produce an image using the least bandwidth required.
DEV Distance provides streaming through JPIP a robust network communications and workflow toolbox to allow images to be quickly and securely transmitted over telecom and wireless networks, organized for effective and accurate reading;