JPIXJapan Internet Exchange
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I would like to congratulate everyone at JPIX for a professional job very well done," says Chad Lamb, the Director of Engineering at XKL.
Hurricane Electric's expansion to the JPNAP and JPIX closely follows other global expansions, including the connection to the Equinix Paris Exchange two weeks ago and the March expansion at Telehouse Paris 2 Voltaire.
With a diverse network and over 100 global customers including cable operators, Internet Service Providers and content providers, JPIX serves as a strategic neutral exchange point for Internet traffic in Japan.
The ExaScale switch/router provides JPIX with unmatched stability, density and performance by utilizing third-generation Force10 technology that incorporates patent-protected innovations and design advances to deliver unprecedented, non-blocking line-rate GbE and 10 GbE densities.
Deploying the ExaScale platform, which includes the modular Force10 operating system (FTOS), enables Internet exchanges, such as JPIX, to design and build more efficient and agile network cores that use less power and cooling while providing the necessary reliability for its customers.
By deploying ExaScale with its modular FTOS, JPIX is able to reap the benefits of scalability and performance predictability that have been hardened in some of the world's most demanding networks.
Tetsuo Okimatsu, President and CEO of JPIX added, "JPIX is the first commercially-based IX provider in Japan.
In announcing this new alliance, NeuStar Chief Technology Officer Mark Foster stated that, "The addition of HKIX and JPIX further enhances the community of neutral infrastructure providers who together with NeuStar will deliver SIP-IX.
JPIX was established in July 1997 for the purpose of providing neutral Internet traffic exchange services for Internet and content service providers.
Through this agreement, JPIX will set up an Internet Exchange (IX) switch at the Equinix TY2 center, and it will use Equinix's IBXLink service to directly connect to the Equinix TY1 center located in Heiwajima.
This partnership with JPIX is a milestone that enhances the peering fabric for both companies, allowing customers the ability to further scale their peering relationships with a larger aggregation of ISPs, content providers and content delivery networks.
JPIX is a commercial Internet exchange, benefitting from the fruits of the WIDE project, and counts among its customers Japan's tier-1 ISPs, as well as ISPs from other countries.