JPMEJoint Professional Military Education
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Bain, and David Pavlik discuss ways to potentially add JPME to this part of the joint force.
In our first article in JPME Today, addressing specific challenges from the Chairman and the future defense environment, NDU President Gregg Martin and Provost John Yaeger discuss how the Chairman's University is undergoing a significant set of changes in joint professional military education delivery to better meet the needs of 21st-century strategic leaders.
In addition, it is often asserted that our JPME institutions, once a major source of innovative educational methods, have "become an intellectual backwater, lagging far behind the corporate and civilian institutions of higher learning.
One might also conclude that he must have given significant weight to some of the ideas he encountered at NWC, and the JPME he received at NWC had a positive influence on General Jones during the rest of his military career.
If you are a good observer of the writings of our 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Martin Dempsey, you are aware of his white paper on JPME that he sent out earlier this year.
While the Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) at Maxwell Air Force Base typically educates some 500 majors and equivalent ranks in residence each academic year--awarding them joint PME Phase I (JPME I) credit, their Air Force intermediate developmental education, and a Master's degree--that number pales beside the 3,869 graduates who received their JPME Phase I and intermediate developmental education through ACSC's self-paced distance learning ("correspondence") program in 2011.
CDR Eddie Montero holds a graduate degree and JPME Phase I qualifications from the Air Force Command and Staff College.
The purpose of JPME is currently seen differently from the officer management perspective than it is from the joint education perspective, and this difference is degrading officer performance on joint staffs and resulting in less than optimal joint operational planning and execution.
Question: What are the three core courses for JPME Phase I via the NWC?
In May, 24 judges from across the joint professional military education (JPME) community met to determine the best JPME student entries among the three categories.
In addition to the MBA curriculum, Navy students have an option to complete JPME Phase I through distance learning during their time in Lawrence.
Nimitz Course graduates will earn the degree of Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies, as well as credit for JPME Phase II.