JPMFJapan Project Management Forum (project management professionals' organization)
JPMFJess Parrish Medical Foundation (Titusville, FL)
JPMFJP Morgan Fleming
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Dennehy picks two funds to watch: Schroder Tokyo and JPMF Japan Growth.
Companies discussed in this report include TDK, DMEGC, Hitachi Metals, JPMF, TDG, KYCC, Sinomag, Arnold Magnetic Technologies, Fenghuang Advance Technology Co.
expect further announcements from the likes of JPMF Overseas and Scottish
I HAVE been saving pounds 40 a month for five years in the JPMF Europe Smaller Companies Fund,and my units are now worth pounds 2,258.
Enterprises with a capacity over 10,000 t/a cover chiefly Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics, JPMF Guangdong Co.
Adams Magnetic Products Co - Anhui Earth-Panda Advance Magnetic Material Co Ltd - Arnold Magnetic Technologies - Bunting Magnetics Co - Daido Steel Co Ltd - Eclipse Magnetics Ltd - Electron Energy Corporation - Goudsmit Magnetics Group - Hangzhou Permanent Magnet Group - Hitachi Metals Ltd - JPMF Guangdong Co Ltd - Lynas Corporation Ltd - Molycorp Magnequench - Ningbo Yunsheng Co Ltd - Ninggang Permanent Magnetic Materials Co Ltd - Shin-Etsu Chemical Co Ltd - TDK Corporation - Tengam Engineering Inc - Thomas & Skinner Inc - Vacuumschmelze GMBH & Co Kg
Revenue and Operating Income of JPMF Guangdong, 2008-2013
9% of the outstanding Common Stock (2,211,552 shares held by JMF, 487,500 shares held by JPMF and 177,748 shares held by the separate managed account).