JPOIJohannesburg Plan of Implementation (World Summit on Sustainable Development)
JPOIJoint Program of Instruction (US DoD)
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Without this integrated approach working at several scales of action, there is little opportunity to engage stakeholders in undertaking the necessary reforms and little possibility of meeting MDG and JPOI targets.
The broad goals laid out in the JPOI are important, but more customized, focused targets included in the GEF projects may be useful in stimulating progress.
Strachan (Commonwealth Secretariat on sustainable development policy and negotiations), Ayre (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), McHarry (an independent consultant on sustainable development), and Callway (Local Government International Bureau) present a practical guide to understanding JPOI on poverty eradication, patterns of consumption and production, the natural resource base of development, health, development in small island states, development in Africa, other regional initiatives, means of implementation, and institutional frameworks.