JPPTJoint Primary Pilot Training
JPPTJournal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group; Memphis, TN)
JPPTJet-Pump Production Test (energy production)
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A pharmacoeconomic analysis previously presented at the 2012 Pediatric Academic Society Annual Conference and now published in the most recent issue of JPPT shows the lower rate of reintubation previously observed in infants treated with SURFAXIN, when compared with infants treated with the market leading surfactants, Curosurf[sup.
JPPT is a peer-reviewed multi disciplinary journal that is devoted to promoting the safe and effective use of medications in infants and children.
Following completion of JPPT #2, a third nozzle size will be evaluated, then testing will be conducted in a similar manner on the shallower Urenui oil pay in this well.