JPSCJapanese Panel Survey of Consumers (Institute for Research on Household Economics)
JPSCJefferson Pilot Securities Corporation (investments)
JPSCJason Park Social Club (Englewood, CA)
JPSCJeremy Phillips Sportscars Club (UK; est. 2007)
JPSCJoint Production Survey Committee
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The actual years of job market experience after graduating from the final school, which can be constructed by the JPSC, could be included as an independent variable to capture the degree of labor- market attachment.
Last month, the JPSC received an invitation from the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) for a meeting on 8 and 9 May to discuss the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement signed on 27 September 2012.
The South Sudanese diplomat added the JPSC meeting made significant progress on the discussions pertaining to the implementations of the outstanding issues, saying that the border-crossings between the two countries would be opened soon.
Zuma also underscored her full support for the Sudanese/South Sudanese higher committee and the African Union Border Programme (AUBP) to implement the agreements reached by the JPSC.
She praised the outcome of the JPSC meeting which was co-chaired by the defence ministers, stressing her support for the implementation of the agreements signed between the two sides.
But the JPSC meetings to decide the effective activation were adjourned several times due to the security situation in South Sudan.
The JPSC South Sudanese delegation will start meetings on the border demarcation with their counterparts in Khartoum, also will discuss the immediate implementation of the agreements signed recently by the two parties," Maper said.
Mafeer told the semi-official Sudan Media Center ( SMC ) that the two countries agreed to resume the JPSC meetings on 6 June, stressing his government approved the proposed date after the two governments agreed to delay the meeting to early June.
On Tuesday, Sudan's higher committee for the implementation of the cooperation agreements headed by the First Vice President Bakri Hassan Salah renewed call for the implementation of the cooperation agreement, saying it would ask Juba to hold a meeting for the JPSC.
We] would renew call for South Sudan to hold the meeting of the JPSC to determine the demilitarized zone and the [border] crossings and ensure the non-harboring and support [of rebels from the other country]", he said.
In an extraordinary meeting in Addis Ababa held under the auspices of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel(AUHP) last September, the JPSC agreed to reactivate the 10-mile wide safe demilitarized zone.