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JPTSJet Propellant Thermally Stable (high thermal stability, high altitude fuel, MIL-T-25524)
JPTSJournal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement Series
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Their current jet fuel contracts with DESC, valued at more than $49,500,000 for delivery of more than 44,800,000 gallons of JP8 and JPTS jet fuel, have produced a superior product quality, on-time deliveries and topnotch customer service.
A subsequent course will be provided shortly to an additional group of 9 JPTS trainers.
Pali grammatical works are referred to in the standard histories, and have been studied most extensively in modern times by Ole Pind: see his articles in JPTS 1989, 1990, his piece in the Lienhard Festschrift (1995), and his survey up to Vajirabuddhi (?