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JPYJapanese Yen
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disseminating misleading information to certain JPY LIBOR panel banks, which were veiled as 'predictions' or 'expectations' of where the JPY LIBOR rates would be set.
With Europe on the road to recovery and the US growth continuing to firm, we expect M&A deals to pick up pace as the year goes on, keeping pressure on the JPY.
Everyone wants a weak currency these days, and with Japan going about intentionally weakening the JPY -- one of the world's "big three" currencies -- it could generate repercussions.
However, at an unconsolidated level, and including a loss of JPY 201bn ($1.
This has brought huge benefits to the company's bottom line, and in the year to March 31, net income was JPY 57.
Looking ahead, the company said it expects group net profit in the year ending March 31, 2004 to reach JPY 30bn ($280m), on revenue expected to grow 2.
Trade-24 analysts explain the reasons to be USD/JPY bullish (or JPY bearish): For one, the announcement of the Bank of Japan that it would flood the market with 7 trillion yen ($73 billion) every month, buying Japanese government bonds and other assets in Japan will hurt the yen.
For the fiscal year or period ending (Expressed in million of Japanese Yen (JPY) except per share, amounts less than JPY one million is omitted) March 31, 2006 September 30, 2005 (Annual target) (Semi-annual target) % of % of JPY Total YoY % JPY Total YoY % Revenues Revenues Revenues 37,000 100.
JPY 500,000,000 D-JPY floating-rate credit linked secured notes due 2040 rated 'BBB'.
Summary: JPY traded on a firmer footing as intra-day accounts pared back speculative positioning ahead of the U.
Summary: JPY traded on a supportive footing after Asian equities traded on an easier footing.