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JPYJapanese Yen
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disseminating misleading information to certain JPY LIBOR panel banks, which were veiled as 'predictions' or 'expectations' of where the JPY LIBOR rates would be set.
9 June 2014 - Tohoku University's Regional Innovative Producer School for entrepreneurs will receive a contribution of JPY 100m (USD 1m ) from US-based Prudential Financial's (NYSE: PRU) The Prudential Foundation nonprofit corporation to support business leaders who can spark the economic recovery of regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that struck in March 2011.
Everyone wants a weak currency these days, and with Japan going about intentionally weakening the JPY -- one of the world's "big three" currencies -- it could generate repercussions.
The move in EUR/JPY had caught the intraday market wrong footed as an earlier article in the WSJ had boosted the JPY after the report speculated that some Japanese companies had concerns that the JPY had fallen too fast and was impacting on fuel imports.
However, at an unconsolidated level, and including a loss of JPY 201bn ($1.
This has brought huge benefits to the company's bottom line, and in the year to March 31, net income was JPY 57.
Looking ahead, the company said it expects group net profit in the year ending March 31, 2004 to reach JPY 30bn ($280m), on revenue expected to grow 2.
JPY 500,000,000 D-JPY floating-rate credit linked secured notes due 2040 rated 'BBB'.
Summary: JPY traded on a firmer footing as intra-day accounts pared back speculative positioning ahead of the U.
We're uniquely positioning ICG to capitalize on this estimated multi-trillion JPY market by fusing the extensive organizational knowledge inside the ICG network, with the expertise of a local management team and strategic partners.
Summary: JPY traded on a supportive footing after Asian equities traded on an easier footing.