JQCJudicial Qualifications Commission
JQCJennison Quality Components (Jennison Manufacturing Group; Carnegie, PA)
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It would allow the Legislature to repeal rules of court procedure by a simple majority vote of legislators present rather than the current two-thirds of each chamber's total membership, and allow for similar relaxed repeal of JNC and JQC rules by simple majority vote of legislators present versus the current majority of each chamber's total membership;
8 (1996) (70 percent of judges reprimanded by the JQC first came to the bench by election rather than appointment; 83 per cent of those removed, or who resigned with charges pending, were elected to their position).
The positions would have had the Bar oppose weakening the Supreme Court's rulemaking authority, any changes in how the Legislature may rescind JNC or JQC rules, any undue delay in appointing Supreme Court justices, and diluting the confidentiality of JQC records.
In the Notice, the JQC says it is investigating an anonymous complaint that Judge Holder plagiarized portions of an Air Force research paper more than five years ago.
In the appeal to the 11th Circuit, the Bar and the JQC, in addition to arguing that the mootness decision should be upheld, asserted that the court did not have jurisdiction because neither the Bar nor the JQC disagreed with Schack's construction of the canon.
The JQC also investigated that in a civil case Singbush on his own obtained a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) report on a witness.
The JQC hearing panel ultimately found Judge Turner guilty of six charges, plus an additional charge that Turner's actions "constituted a pattern of misconduct.
The compromise amendment that emerged for voters' approval includes provisions dealing with Senate confirmation, rules, and JQC issues.
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Provide the House of Representatives with meaningful access to the files and records of the JQC but providing for confidentiality unless the House initiates an impeachment proceeding.
On March 9, the House panel moved HJR 11-05, a bill that would amend the Florida Constitution and make JQC proceedings public.
Shawn Harrison, R-Tampa, told the House Civil Justice Subcommittee March 9 that HJR 11-05 would amend the constitution so that the JQC process matches the standards of the Florida Commission on Ethics that apply to all other elected officials.