JQCJudicial Qualifications Commission
JQCJennison Quality Components (Jennison Manufacturing Group; Carnegie, PA)
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The court rejected one charge brought by the JQC, alleging that through a complex series of events in a foreclosure case, Decker became involved in secret meetings with some, but not all, parties, violating a Bar rule which prohibits communication with a person represented by other counsel without consent of that counsel.
Decker III, who has been subject of a JQC inquiry since 2013, stemming from his actions as an attorney before being elected to the bench in 2012 and violations of judicial canons governing campaign activities.
8 (1996) (70 percent of judges reprimanded by the JQC first came to the bench by election rather than appointment; 83 per cent of those removed, or who resigned with charges pending, were elected to their position).
In the appeal to the 11th Circuit, the Bar and the JQC, in addition to arguing that the mootness decision should be upheld, asserted that the court did not have jurisdiction because neither the Bar nor the JQC disagreed with Schack's construction of the canon.
Before filing formal charges, the JQC held a second investigative hearing during which Judge Contini explained that he disagreed with the state's list of cases, but he admitted that he "personified incivility" and offered "no excuses.
Judge Holder accepts responsibility for his behavior, and is mindful that while he intended only to help the defendant, an Army Green Beret who received the Bronze Star Medal for service in Afghanistan, his actions went too far, and created the appearance of impropriety and partiality," according to the JQC.
Schwartz entered into a stipulation with the JQC in February admitting her misconduct and stipulated to the following sanctions: a public reprimand and a letter of apology to Hussain.
JQC is redeeming all of its currently outstanding $165.
The following month, Watson was elected to the circuit court, and the case was turned over to the JQC and one of the bad faith lawyers also filed a formal complaint.
The court on June 18 gave its support to the stipulation between the JQC and Judge Victoria L.
In an earlier JQC case, Judge Krause had received a public reprimand and a $25,000 fine for violations related to her own campaign for judge, including campaigning at a partisan political event, failing to put the word "for" between her name and the office she was running for as required by state law, and misidentifying loans to her campaign as her funds when some of the money was her husband's.
Recksiedler testified to the JQC that she understood that question as inquiring whether she had any tickets since the March interview and assumed that the JNC members knew of the ticket she received on the way to the March meeting.