JRCFJoint Regional Correctional Facility (US Army)
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Considering the limited budget, coupled with personnel turnover issues, the 705th Military Police Battalion decided to use simulations in conjunction with unit training plans to give JRCF leaders, Soldiers, and civilians a chance to exercise their knowledge without jeopardizing the safety and security of the prison.
To maintain accreditation, JRCF standing operating procedures must be fully compliant and orders must be posted for all staff members to ensure that they know what to do in any situation.
To help create a realistic simulation, or game, of the JRCF, the 705th Military Police Battalion supplied the National Simulation Center with blueprints of the JRCF, which provided a realistic view of exactly what the commander, staff, and Soldiers actually see every day.
The JRCF can now use the TCM-Gaming simulation as a tool to verify that a potential watch commander has the necessary knowledge and skills before he or she actually steps foot inside the prison.
Thanks to the arrival of a few high-profile, pretrial prisoners, the JRCF has been in the public eye since it opened in 2010.
In addition, taking pictures of the JRCF is prohibited.
In addition, as predicted, deceptive tactics are sometimes used in attempts to entice inside information from the JRCF staff.