JRDJardim (Portuguese: garden; postal usage)
JRDJuvenile Renal Disease (canine)
JRDJednotné Rolnícke Družstvo (collective farm in socialistic countries)
JRDJoint Requirements Document
JRDJapan Reconfiguration and Digitization (US DoD)
JRDJapan Radio Digitization
JRDJob Review Discussion
JRDJames River District (Virginia)
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We kicked-off operations earlier this year in JLABS and within a few months we are entering into a pilot study with JRD to investigate our metalloprotein chemistry, and we believe large pharmaceutical companies can benefit from Forge's approach and platform to bring novel chemistry to validated biological targets.
The 'Say Yes to No Wood' movement is our contribution to global efforts to reduce deforestation," said Anupam Lunavat, the managing director of JRD International, the parent company of RMD.
Remembering JRD TATA, the eminent scientist narrated his interaction with him at the Indian Institute of Science, he said, "JRD TATA was a gem with great human values".
We are confident that this achievement will boost our reputation as world-class producers of top quality wall panels, helping pave the way for wood-free panels that will ensure the highest degrees of safety and durability," said Anupam Lunavat, managing director, JRD International.
Its features are relevant especially to the requirements of the UAE and GCC markets making them the ideal construction and interior decoration choice for the savvy buyers," said Anupam Lunavat, managing director of JRD International.
Our expansion plan is part of our vision to offer the best innovation of our times in the building construction industry and interior decoration sector," Anupam Lunavat, Managing Director of JRD International, said during the inauguration of JRD International's stand at the Big 5 Construction Show, where it is showcasing these products.
The RMD Board manufacturing plant - a division of JRD International - has already started production.
The JRD Tata Ecotechnology Centre tries to marry traditional wisdom, knowledge and technologies with the best in modern life.
The jury was deeply impressed by the sensitivity of the extension to the JRD Tata Digital Library at the Indian institute of Science in Bangalore.
JRD International, a leader in rigid plastic packaging technology, said its flagship company RMD Board has manufactured fire-retardant wall panels at its plant in Dubai.
JRD International, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is a leader in rigid plastic packaging technology and provides solutions to a wide range of industry sectors including dairy, beverage and poultry products.
Although JRD International's investment will create a totally new product -- reflecting a shift in the company's business, Danube's investment will complement its existing business and take it to a new level.