JRNLJournalism (course)
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There are 61 libraries currently enrolled in JRNL, spanning the FLARE, ASERL, WRLC, and WEST consortia.
JRNL currently contains records for 21,933 unique ISSNs/titles.
As of January 2016, 58% of the records in JRNL are from FLARE; 22% from other participants in Scholars Trust; and 21 % are from WEST.
Fields for subject headings were recently added at the request of JRNL users.
There are already over 400 titles in Scholars Trust without ISSN numbers, and those titles cannot be recorded in the JRNL database until the addition of the OCLC number is permitted as an alternative unique identifier.
For several years, UF has led an initiative to obtain archiving commitments for agriculture journals in Scholars Trust and record them in JRNL.
Project leadership is usually provided by one of the subject specialists, who organizes the group, works with them to identify the initial titles for review, and follows up with the participants to encourage them to complete the process and record their commitments in JRNL.
The JRNL Oversight Committee is considering allowing access to JRNL for libraries outside the participating consortia so these external libraries could use the information in the JRNL database for their own collection development and weeding projects.
The JRNL Oversight Committee and JRNL participants acknowledge the important role that CRL has played in convening the Print Archive Network (PAN) (4) and by establishing and managing the PAPR Collections Analysis system, which documents and supports a variety of print archiving projects.
Data in JRNL is only as good as the records used to create the database.