JROCJoint Requirements Oversight Council
JROCJames River Outdoor Coalition
JROCJoint Required Operational Capability
JROCJeppesen Radiation Oncology Center (Michigan)
JROCJacksonville Regional Operations Center (Sprint)
JROCJoint Refugee Operation Center
JROCJoint Chiefs of Staff Requirements Oversight Council
JROCJoint Research Operations Committee
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This broad definition covered relatively junior members of the workforce up to and including 4-star generals and admirals on the JROC who ultimately validate the requirements.
An AoA is a vital step in the acquisition process, in that it can identify the cost effectiveness of alternative means to address a requirement identified by the JROC.
For example, the JROC prioritized capability gaps identified by Combatant Commanders, and that effort, in turn, resulted in the reallocation of over $5 billion of FY 2008 proposed funding prior in the President's budget proposal.
The JWCA didn't achieve the expected results, officials claim, because it was a "bottom-up" review process that began at the service level and ended at the JROC.
This body, through the JROC and, hence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff has the authority to prioritize programs and ensure time lines are established, evaluated, implemented, and kept.
In a bold step, Admiral Owens reinvigorated the JROC to gain control of the requirements process--establishing the requirement was the first step in, and the justification for, resource allocation--in that way the JROC would institutionalize a joint influence on procurement.
US Department of Defense, "Joint Operations Concepts: JROC Draft," Final Draft, 7 March 2003.
The decision by the JROC, following on the heels of a highly successful week of Capstone Demonstrations, is strong indication that the Department of Defense is moving ahead with its vision for transformation of The Army," observed Lieutenant General John Riggs, the director of the Objective Force Task Force.
Using a standardized format, such as the existing JROC Knowledge Management Decision Support Comment Resolution Matrix is recommended for simplicity.
The JROC is a senior military council led by the Vice Chairman and consisting of the vices or deputies of the four military Services.
In August 2008 the RR CPD was reviewed and staffed at the JROC level as part of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System validation and approval process.