JROCJoint Requirements Oversight Council
JROCJames River Outdoor Coalition
JROCJoint Required Operational Capability
JROCJeppesen Radiation Oncology Center (Michigan)
JROCJacksonville Regional Operations Center (Sprint)
JROCJoint Refugee Operation Center
JROCJoint Chiefs of Staff Requirements Oversight Council
JROCJoint Research Operations Committee
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This broad definition covered relatively junior members of the workforce up to and including 4-star generals and admirals on the JROC who ultimately validate the requirements.
An AoA is a vital step in the acquisition process, in that it can identify the cost effectiveness of alternative means to address a requirement identified by the JROC.
58) Emelie Rutherford, "AoA for Prompt Global Strike to go to JROC this Summer, Chilton Says," Defense Daily, March 5, 2008.
A JROC approved Manpack CPD is required for a Milestone "C decision which will authorize the HMS program to award a contract for Low Rate Initial Production radios.
While the JROC relies upon the advice of these important civilian leaders, codifying their participation as permanent voting members runs counter to the Council's principal purpose of providing independent military advice regarding the validation of warfighter requirements.
We are supporting efforts to the JROC to address these immediate warfighter needs.
On 15 April 2002, the JROC validated our military's need to fulfill tasks outlined in the mission needs statement.
At the helm of the entire process is the JROC, or joint requirements oversight council, made up of the vice-chiefs of each service.
The Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) will make a recommendation to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Advanced Systems and Concepts (DUSD AS&C) regarding the lead service and user sponsor as part of the JROC review of candidate ACTDs.
This body, through the JROC and, hence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff has the authority to prioritize programs and ensure time lines are established, evaluated, implemented, and kept.
US Department of Defense, "Joint Operations Concepts: JROC Draft," Final Draft, 7 March 2003.