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JRPJoint Research Project
JRPJoint Requirements Planning
JRPJournal of Radiological Protection (Society for Radiological Protection; UK)
JRPJoint Requirements Panel
JRPJericho Rally Point (fan forum)
JRPJericho Road Project (Massachusetts)
JRPJoint Reconciliation Program (US DOD)
JRPJoint Review Procedure
JRPJudicial Reform Project
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Many participants prefaced their comments to the JRP by excusing their lack of scientific or other expertise, instead asserting their personal experience of and attachment to the area in question as the basis for their right to speak and be heard.
Her fellow JRP colleagues Wissam Hanna and Hadi Awada also won awards, for modeling and dancing respectively.
The JRP is a registered party-- but unrecognised for want of adequate votes-- with the EC.
The system used by JRP Solutions is software based and therefore not influenced by subjection and operator opinions.
If the JRP proceeds according to the timeline currently set out, there should be a decision about the pipeline by the end of 2012.
JRP has to be differentiated from mumps, caused by a paramyxovirus, accompanied by systemic manifestations such as fever, malaise, headache, and chills, whereas in JRP, the symptoms are usually more local to the parotid gland, with fever developing occasionally.
It is understood the HSE may refer to the JRP report before publishing its own findings on pick rates and working conditions in 2009.
In a deal worth pounds 231,000, canny John Penrose, a former hack, has said "goodbye" to JRP Management, whose only client is Robinson, one of the highest-paid women on TV.
Philips now works with IMEC on three levels -- (i) as a core partner in IMEC's sub 45-nm CMOS research program and in JRP with IMEC on a 45 nm CMOS Research Program (in preparation for continued semiconductor process development within the Philips/Motorola/STMicroelectronics Crolles2 Alliance); (ii) as an individual partner with IMEC in the development of Philips-specific special process technologies; and (iii) as a valued contributor to discussions over the future direction of semiconductor research at IMEC.
7 million euros, to support host communities priorities under the JRP where key projects include: Water Supply and Sanitation in Host Communities; School Construction Programme; and Energy Supply to host communities in addition to economic opportunities programs where the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation will be announcing each project whenever the grant agreement is signed.
7 April 2016 - UK-based financial services companies Just Retirement Group plc and Partnership Assurance Group plc have combined in an all-share merger to create JRP Group plc, the companies said.