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JRPGJapanese Role-Playing Game
JRPGJava Runtime Products Group (BEA Systems)
JRPGJoint Radar Planning Group
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Battle Chasers:Nightwar will satisfy JRPG fans out there.
Combining the visuals and storytelling of the animation powerhouse with Level 5's understanding of JRPGs is a match made in heaven, and seems to have both studios bringing the best out of each other.
Sure, the storyline is likely to be bloated, melodramatic and sappy, but that's just the way JRPGs roll.
Bill Black, director of the Bravely Default English dub, says, “I am very proud to announce at last, I was honored to cast and direct the English voice over for the Epic JRPG Bravely Default for Square Enix Japan on behalf of & in the service of my fantastic, creative & awesome employer Binari Sonori.
As story driven as any JRPG that's gone before it (with a fairly predictable, world-saving tale to boot), it also features a wonderful cast of English voice actors, ranging from Mancunian drunks to sly, posh "received pronunciation" villains.
HvM[TM] has strategic alliances with industry power-houses like VIZERGY, JRPG Hospitality Consulting, and Eco-green Hotel.
It's a deep JRPG with new classes, strategy and mechanics.
Chain Chronicle' is an innovative game on Android as well as iOS that can be described as a cross between traditional JRPG and line defense.
A well-structured story unfurls, interspersed with fast-paced combat throughout, and the Anime-style will appeal to JRPG fans immediately.
A handheld port of 2011's epic Wii JRPG, it squeezes one of the most expansive role-players of its generation into a portable format.
Out Friday Lightning's return won't do much to smooth feathers ruffled by Final Fantasy XIII's lumpen and linear reinvention of the classic JRPG franchise.
LOS ANGELES -- The battle of the century is on when Matt Hazard takes on 2D soldiers, deadly zombies, space marines, JRPG sword handlers and a number of classic enemies in Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard[TM] from D3Publisher (D3P).