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Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien (See Question 3)
Following his return from the trenches of the Somme in the First World War and convalescing from trench fever in the winter of 1916-1917, JRR Tolkien was inspired to write Beren and Luthien when his wife Edith danced in a glade filled with white flowers.
The exhibition, JRR Tolkien - Soldier and Myth Maker, charts the author's time in Staffordshire during the First World War and shows the influence of the area on the extraordinary fictional world he created.
JRR Tolkien died in 1973, having seen "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" achieve success, and leaving behind him a swath of previously unpublished works.
Hobbit - Though the word 'Hobbit' is attributed to JRR Tolkien, it actually appeared in a nineteenth century book of folklore meaning 'little people' or 'fairies', according to Oxford English Dictionary.
Ray, 52, of Fenham, Newcastle, said: "It was over two years ago when we pulled back the brambles and found the grave of JRR Tolkien aunt's grave.
The Foundations of Middle-Earth: Myth, Language and Ideology in JRR Tolkien's Literature;
Jo Wheatley,manager of Oxfam in Colchester,Essex, said the mysterious donor handed over the rare JRR Tolkien collection in a carrier bag full of other books: ``It was amazing,particularly because they had been given to us apparently anonymously in a carrier bag full of ordinary books.
I REFER to the letter (Your Shout, January 10) concerning JRR Tolkien, on whom Steph Livitzki seems to cast a slur.
Elvis Presley has been named the world's biggest-earning dead celebrity, whose wealth outstrips former Beatle John Lennon and Lord Of The Rings author JRR Tolkien.
For years fans of JRR Tolkien have mulled over such questions while debating the influence of Wales and Welsh on his Lord of the Rings trilogy.
ENTER the magical, mysterious world of The Lord Of The Rings, with this free audio cassette, read by the author JRR Tolkien himself