JRRFJoint Rapid Reaction Force
JRRFJugong River Recreational Forest (Malaysia)
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44) Funds dispersed for JRRF training were only 55.
The need for the "command" element of C2 of any JRRF air element was highlighted, along with the likely need, given the understandable political realities of delaying decisions to commit forces, of air C2 elements being able to "hit the ground running.
The paper supported both these lines, noting that with so many JRRF air assets at R1, there was a prima facie case for holding a C2 element at the same readiness.
To sponsor, provide, co-ordinate, and standardise air C2 training in order to ensure the United Kingdom has sufficient fully trained JFACCs, core and augmentor air battlestaff, and joint component liaison personnel to meet the JRRF air C2 commitment.
JRRF comprises a pool of combat and support forces from which the United Kingdom will meet all short notice, crisis action planned, military contingencies.
This shift from relying on core formations is where JRRF differs from its predecessors.
The first JRRF echelon could represent a potent force.
JFHQ is commanded by a chief of joint force operations (CJFO), a brigadier from the army or Royal Marines who will normally oversee JRRF operations that fall within the one-star command level.
The JRRF concept is evolving, with phase 1 development having been completed in 1999.