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JRSEJournal of Research in Science and Engineering (De La Salle University-Manila)
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001 Subscale 1 = Acceptance of Work Role Subscale 2 = Ability to profit from instruction or correction Subscale 3 = Work persistence Subscale 4 = Work tolerance Table 2 R, R Square and Beta for the Step-wise Regression Equation Using Select subscales of the WPP as the Independent Variable and JRSE as the Dependent Variable Dependent R R Square Predictor Beta t JRSE .
Six t-tests examined gender, ethnicity, educational attainment, marital status, whether individuals received public assistance, and whether their parents/guardians worked while they were growing up with the WPP-SR, JRSE, and WLCS.
JRSE Revenue Projections For The Bahamas Joint Venture In US Dollars For 2004 - 2008 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 (a) Bahamas Joint Venture/Treatment Centers 235,378 3,432,000 4,290,000 5,148,000 6,177,600
b) Our goal at JRSE is to penetrate 3% to 5 % of this $300+ billion chronic pain market segment within ten years.
conservative estimates, JRSE should receive revenues in the low six-figures during the first twelve months of sales.
in association with JRSE brings to the world a state-of- the-art portable resonator that will be unrivaled in its effectiveness to alleviate pain and suffering.
JRSE has successfully transitioned from a research and development company to one of global commercial operations.
JRSE remains focused on becoming the world leader in bioelectromagnetics and the premier company in the eradication of human suffering.
BULLETIN BOARD: JRSE) , announces today that JRSE has submitted a 513(g) application with the FDA for non-medical use of our patented technology.
Alfonso Serrato, President and CEO of JRSE said: "We are very fortunate to bring executives of the caliber of Juan Carlos and Pedro to join our team.
Yamanashi -- a member of the scientific Advisory Board for JRSE, built and is monitoring the Jacobson Resonator for this study.