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Short-term targets include refining network upgrades at Wiesbaden, Germany, and installing two JRSS in Southwest Asia.
JRSS will work with the defense enterprise operations centers to manage user access on the defense information network.
It said 25 SIPRnet Data sites will be executed into the same locations over the next year, and that so far installation is concluded at ten JRSS sites within the continental US.
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Box and Cox, "An Analysis of Transformations," JRSS - B (26, 1964): 211-252.
In other words, JSSS plays a more crucial role in finding a job when compared with JRSS in relation to keeping a job.
Once the building was completed in 2012, planning began to move several hundred circuits, government-furnished equipment, and new systems, such as the JRSS.
Rogers' methodology for testing and defending platforms at the tactical edge that connect to the JIE (Joint Information Environment) and JRSS (Joint Regional Security Stacks) are part of the plan.