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Right now JRSS is the top capability initiative we are pursuing toward JIE.
A JRSS is a suite of equipment that performs firewall functions, intrusion detection and prevention, enterprise management, virtual routing and forwarding (VRF), and provides a host of network security capabilities.
Along with improving the efficiency of DISA VPNs, the JRSS installation will also help make networks and the data transferred over them more secure.
Short-term targets include refining network upgrades at Wiesbaden, Germany, and installing two JRSS in Southwest Asia.
JRSS will work with the defense enterprise operations centers to manage user access on the defense information network.
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In other words, JSSS plays a more crucial role in finding a job when compared with JRSS in relation to keeping a job.
So to answer your question and be clear to your readers, the JRSS stacks monitor the flow of data in and out of our, bases, and stations to protect the entire DoD network.
We now have the capability to provide the theater with the critical space necessary to support emerging programs, such as DISA's JRSS, and to assist the theater with meeting the JIE construct," COL Jantzen said.
NAVIDFOR's JIE Coordination Office works with designated and proposed JRSS installation sites to develop impact assessments for the placement of JRSS equipment in Navy facilities," said Shawn Garrow, NAVIDFOR's department head for Information Environment Modernization and Integration.
According to DISA, the JRSS aids theDoD Joint Information Environment, and includes failover, diversity and elimination of critical failure points as a means to assure timely delivery of important information to warfighters around the world.