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JRTCJoint Readiness Training Center (Fort Polk, LA, USA)
JRTCJack Russell Terrier Club
JRTCJames R. Thompson Center (Chicago, IL; office and event space)
JRTCJackson River Technical Center (Covington, VA)
JRTCJordan Radio and Television Corporation (est. 1985; national broadcast station)
JRTCJoint Regional Transportation Committee (now Regional Transportation Advisory Council; Massachusetts)
JRTCJoseph Ruston Technology College (UK)
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During JRTC Rotation 16-09, the 1-508 PIR determined that FSC personnel and maintenance equipment needed to arrive on the battlefield during the first daylight airlandings because opening a GLOC was expected to be a lengthy, contested process.
As BEBs prepare to deploy to the JRTC, the following points must be emphasized to ensure that the whole organization is properly prepared to operate in the decisive-action training environment:
Similar to the JRTC, a rotation at the NTC lasts 18 days and includes a number of scenarios intended to prepare the BCTs for the worst possible case scenarios during MOUT, such as the detonation of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), rocket attacks and suicide bombings.
The downside is that the experience is limited, to a great extent, to the capabilities and limitations of the threats in Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which come close to the hybrid threats we faced from the Arianan threat at JRTC.
Military police companies perform well at the JRTC and represent the Military Police Corps with honor and distinction.
The following is an AAR comment excerpt from a BCT signal company commander participating in a JRTC rotational exercise when asked, "How can the BCT better support the signal company?
Dennis Grinde, operational plans officer at the JRTC.
After our rotation was completed at JRTC, I sat down and talked with my platoon about our mission.
Units can call up a ship's artillery crew and request that they pretend to lob missiles at such-and-such coordinates, and JRTC explosives specialists will mark off an appropriate kill radius and declare everything within it blown to make-believe smithereens.
SGT Carla Marghella said that when she was attached to an infantry unit at JRTC and had to deal with Soldiers' stares, there was nothing she could do.
The JRTC staff is constantly working to line up CAS sorties and lift aircraft to ensure that brigades rotating through the center receive the best joint tactical training possible.