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JRTCJoint Readiness Training Center (Fort Polk, LA, USA)
JRTCJack Russell Terrier Club
JRTCJames R. Thompson Center (Chicago, IL; office and event space)
JRTCJackson River Technical Center (Covington, VA)
JRTCJordan Radio and Television Corporation (est. 1985; national broadcast station)
JRTCJoint Regional Transportation Committee (now Regional Transportation Advisory Council; Massachusetts)
JRTCJoseph Ruston Technology College (UK)
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WO1 Jones is an AOC 352N currently serving as the Senior BCT SIGINT Trainer/Mentor at the JRTC.
The 2-508 PIR validated this concept through the integration of PRC-117Gs, RF-7800s, and JNTC equipment during multiple field training exercises and JRTC 09-5.
Recent training rotations at JRTC indicate that leaders are continuing to endorse the use of BCS3 and are pushing to ensure that their units are proficient.
But JRTC was determined to win as Ronald and Acmad Sani dished out an 8-0 drubbing of Noel and Ali Sakay to tie the match at 2-2 and win via points 26-22.
The 3/82 BCT and SOTF 54 achieved measurable success during this JRTC rotation and defeated the well-trained opposition force in every phase of the rotation.
But brigade or battalion commanders will likely be involved less often than is currently the practice at the "dirt" CTCs such as JRTC and the National Training Center.
Being assigned as an OCT at JRTC has made me a better and more rounded Signal Officer, ready for the challenges that come with future assignments.
The brigade engineer cell required minimal manning during its JRTC rotation.
The 3rd BCT, 82nd Airborne "Panthers" paratroopers deployed to the JRTC at Fort Polk and conducted the first full spectrum operation rotation in eight years.
Based on the technical feasibility test's results and an approved recommendation for a safety confirmation from the Yuma Test Center, the DTC on 10 October 2006 approved a safety release to support Soldier operational use of the LCLA family of parachute systems from a C-23 during the 4th BCT's JRTC mission rehearsal exercise in early November.