JRYJawahar Rozgar Yojana (Food-For-Work Scheme, India)
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Some glaring shortcomings in the implementation of the JRY came to light in our survey of villages in UP.
More seriously, other evidence points to the "capture" of the Gram Panchayats by a few influential persons, resulting in large-scale diversion of JRY and IRDP funds.
36) The JRY is a rural public works program while the IRDP is a credit subsidy program.
59) Even if field evidence from a survey of villages in three UP districts has limited validity, as elaborated later, the general lack of awareness among the villagers about how the JRY operated and the arbitrary selection of participants by the chairpersons of Gram/Village Panchayats suggest that the targeting in some cases is far more dismal than that revealed by the NSS data.
79) Note that village Panchayats have overall responsibility for the JRY but a limited one for the IRDP (i.
This fieldwork was undertaken as part of a larger study of the role of the Panchayats in implementing the JRY.
The JRY was revised and re-launched in April 1999 and was named as Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojana or JGSY.
Gutfarb, vice president-treasurer of JRY Corporation issued the following statement on the death of Jean R.
Yawkey was the chairwoman of the board of JRY Corporation, a general partner of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, which was originally purchased by her late husband, Tom, in 1933.
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