JSAFJapan Study Abroad Foundation (higher education)
JSAFJihlavsky Spolek Amaterskych Filmaru (Czech: Jihlava Association of Amateur Filmmakers; Jihlava, Czech Republic)
JSAFJoint Semi-Automated Forces
JSAFJoint SIGINT Avionics Family
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This is a testament to Alion's expertise and experience in this area, as well as our continued success with the JSAF program.
It is an efficient way to train," said Mark Checchio, JSAF lead.
The NCTE is Internet-based, but the demand for robust bandwidth is not a problem for the advanced simulation the JSAF provides.
In the JSAF model, we integrate features of the future design of a carrier," explained Riley.
With JSAF, military planners can simulate an entire military operation, from the build-up process, the people and the weapon kits, to the information exchanges that take place on the ship, said Lisle.
When fully implemented, JSAF will give war fighters substantially greater intelligence-gathering capabilities.
Other JSAF programs include High Band and Low Band subsystems, and planned, follow-on upgrades for a variety of Department of Defense aircraft.
For the US military, the benefits of JSAF are clear: interoperability means improved operational effectiveness; commonality means lowered procurement costs and streamlined logistics; and the open architecture of the sleek JSAF modules means ease of upgrades in the future.
The finalization of the development contracts has settled the dust, at least for the time being, around the JSAF program.
I don't think it will ever be a JSAF [Joint SIGINT Avionics Family] platform, but it'll have specialized packages.
With its 450-lb payload limit, significant portions of which must be dedicated to other sensors and datalinks, the Predator is not quite capacious enough to carry the new JSAF, the DARO's next-generation suite of SIGINT hardware that will standardize the equipment carried by the range of US intelligence-gathering aircraft - including the larger Global Hawk UAV.
Designed to comply with the DARO-initiated Joint Airborne SIGINT Architecture (JASA), the JSAF will be a collection of scaleable SIGINT systems divided among five levels of capability for manned aircraft as well as UAVs.