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In Vermont, JSAL has now successfully beta tested the customized stepper it designed for our CPL system, achieving a stepper limited throughput rate of 17 wafers per hour that is right on target.
As part of that discipline, we intend to complete the source's characterization and reliability testing in San Diego before shipping it to JSAL in Vermont for integration.
We expect to begin demonstrating the lithographic potential of CPL soon after the light source is delivered to JSAL in October.
Commenting on the contract award, Robert Selzer, senior vice president for technology at JSAL, said, "We are delighted to have the IBM Next Generation Lithography mask organization, the world's experts in this field, join the JMAR PXL team.
He continued, "We are currently assembling an all-JMAR PXL system at our JSAL Burlington facility.
The company estimates that since the inception of the XRL programs at JSAL and JRI, the total investment in JMAR's overall XRL business is in excess of $75 million, not including substantially all of the recently announced $34 million letter of intent contract from DARPA.
JMAR chairman and CEO said, "I want to express my sincere appreciation to the many highly-talented employees at our JRI and JSAL divisions whose diligent efforts are enabling us to implement our original XRL product development plan on schedule.
The program builds on prior and ongoing DARPA XRL technology development efforts, including JMAR's laser plasma X-ray sources, its JSAL X-ray stepper technology and important X-ray mask and processing technology advancements achieved during the past several years.
JSAL will work with the UVM team to perform a series of tasks that, collectively, are called "Mask Magnification Correction" a method which provides for controlling X-ray mask magnification and demonstrating it on the manufacture of actual semiconductor devices.
president of JSAL concluded, "This contract continues the work of improving the cost performance benefits of XRL, both now and into the future.
or JSAL, which is providing the high-performance upgraded stepper, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO), which is supplying the world's most advanced X-ray masks.
JMAR estimates that the new integrated JSAL source/stepper XRL systems will sell from $6 million to $10 million each, depending on their configuration and level of performance.