JSAPIJava Speech Application Programming Interface
JSAPIJava Servlet Application Programming Interface (Sun API)
JSAPIJapan Society of Applied Physics International (journal)
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Through the public SpeechChannel, SpeechObjects can run against a variety of emerging speech API standards such as SAPI, JSAPI and S.
0 is also the first commercial browser to support the Java Speech API, permitting voice control over any Java applet employing the JSAPI standard.
computer-illiterate" users to vocally interac is JSAPI compliant and converts digital, textual data into simple audible speech.
The expert group has a very strong speech background and also includes several individuals who worked with the first version of JSAPI.
In addition to speech scientists and technology developers from Conversay, the JSAPI 2.
Conversay leads this expert group, comprised of companies with speech interface expertise, to develop the JSAPI 2.