JSASJoomla Stand Alone Server
JSASJournal of Southern African Studies
JSASJava System Application Server (Sun Microsystems)
JSASJFACC Situational Awareness System
JSASJoint Situational Awareness System
JSASJava allied Secure Agent Server
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For the 2005 to 2007 time frame covered by this review, the participating judges funded approximately 54 percent of JSAS costs, and the federal government funded 46 percent.
Taynor, "Women as Managers Scale (WAMS): A Measure of Attitudes Toward Women in Management Positions," JSAS Catalogue of Selected Documents in Psychology (Ms.
JSAS is the next-generation system for secure, Live Virtual Constructive-capable training.
In addition to the CAAS cockpit and JSAS, Rockwell Collins will bring its Flight Mission Computer FMC-4000 family of radios, TruNet radios and TELDIX space wheel.
During plan years 2002 through 2004, the participating judges' contributions funded more than 50 percent of the JSAS normal costs.
Morrell, "Of Boys and Men: Masculinity and Gender in Southern African Studies," Journal of Southern African Studies 24 (1998): 605-30; Journal of Southern African Studies is abbreviated JSAS.
Phillips, "The Local State and Public Health Reform in South Africa: Bloemfontein and the Consequences of the Spanish 'Flu Epidemic of 1918," JSAS 13 (1987): 210-33; R.
Dubow, Scientific Racism in Modern South Africa (Cambridge, 1995); A Bank, "Of 'Native Skulls' and 'Noble Caucasians': Phrenology in Colonial South Africa," JSAS 22, 3 (1996): 387-404
JSAS provides annuities to surviving spouses and dependent children of deceased Supreme Court Justices, judges of the United States, and other participating judicial officials.