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The JSCM Conference will include Plenary lectures, Invited lectures, Keynote lectures, JSCM Award Memorial lectures, Poster Session, organized and general technical sessions, and an exhibition.
These AEs have provided outstanding support of JSCM and its mission to be THE journal of choice among supply chain scholars, by editing Special Topic Forums and contributing essays to discussion forums, by acting as points of contact to expand the Journal's various Boards and invite papers from thought leaders in the field, and by helping to move JSCM to the top tier journal lists of their respective universities:
In addition to FSCT, representatives from FATIPEC (Federation d'Association des Technicians des Peintures, Vernis, Emaux et d'Imprimerie de I'Europe Continentale); JSCM (Japan Society of Colour Materials); OCCA (Oil & Colour Chemists' Association; SLF (Skandinaviska Lackteknikers Forbund; SCAA (Surface Coatings Association Australia; and SCANZ (Surface Coatings Association New Zealand) meet regularly to pursue common goals.
We also want to give a hearty "thank you" to the many additional reviewers who have provided superb feedback to authors of manuscripts submitted to JSCM.
Most old URLs at JSCM quickly redirect to new URLs, though editors recommend updating bookmarks and links for early volumes that used the old Harvard URL (http://www.
Moreover, recent research in JSCM has further underscored the importance of resources, with particular emphasis on academic debate regarding the use of the RBV as a robust explanation for SCM phenomena (Barney, 2012; Hunt & Davis, 2012; Priem & Swink, 2012).
See more information about JSCM under Electronica in this column.
Consistent with the JSCM ethos, the final manuscripts--collectively and individually--will have to make strong theoretical contributions.
10) The JSCM is available free and is produced at little expense.
In response to this charge, the team made a number of substantial changes to JSCM.
Article Journal Size Country (Year) 1 1 Anderson, JSCM 309 Asia Pacific Coleman, Devinney and Keating (2011) 2 2 Briggs, JBR 110 North Landry and America Daugherty (2007) 3 2 Briggs, IMM 110 North Landry and America Daugherty (2010) 4 3 Cahill, JBL 248 USA Goldsby, Knemeyer and Wallenburg (2010) 5 4 Chen, Tian, JBL 124 China Ellinger and Daugherty (2010) 6 5 Cho, Ozment IJPDLM 117 USA and Sink (2008) 7 6 Davis, IMM 142 USA Golicic and Marquardt (2008) 8 7 Deepen et al.
In sum, 80% of the papers at EUROMA and about 90% of the papers in JSCM did not address sustainability.