JSECJob Service Employer Committee
JSECJournal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology
JSECJoint SATCOM Engineering Center
JSECJewish Special Education Collaborative (Massachusetts)
JSECJournal of Strategic E-Commerce
JSECJIEO Systems Engineering Contract
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As shown in Table 4, the JSAT and JSEC have no statistically significant relationship with EM.
CERDEC oversaw the process as the data moved through the Common CBM+ Architecture to JSEC, LIA, and a contractor support facility in Jackson, N.
The JSEC is a principal vehicle for achieving the objectives of the organization.
As has been the case with the previous issues of the JSEC, the articles contained in this volume have been double blind refereed.
The JSEC is the highest joint body for security coordination in Kosovo.
The Rising Star Award recognizes successful new business owners who are also Latinas," said Yolanda De Los Reyes, Latino JSEC Facilitator.