JSIFJamaica Social Investment Fund
JSIFJoint System Integration Framework
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The in-kind contribution of 25 percent of total cost has been encouraged and adopted as best practice among the funding agencies (normally the IDP), the JSIF which is the government's representative agency of poverty reduction that coordinates the entire financing and implementation on behalf of government, and the community, (normally through a community-based organisation, which has been transformed into a benevolent society or association).
Community Based Contracting where the intermediating central agency--the JSIF, the IPD and the Community sign a formal agreement of cooperation to use the assets and skills of the hybridised legal entity--the Benevolent Society to achieve project objectives.
Much of the poverty in the rural areas have been due to the lack of infrastructural services, hence the majority of the European Union's Poverty Reduction Programme One, which was implemented through the instrumentalities of JSIF, were directed at resolving some of the infrastructural gaps.
The entire list of projects has been periodically published by JSIF on their website (www.
The Government established JSIF with the assistance of the international donor and lender community as one instrument in its poverty eradication program.