JSLISTJoint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
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But one important caution with the vest systems: You can't wear them under CBRN protective suits such as JSLIST unless the suit is specifically designed with a microclimate pass-through.
The JSLIST has been in the military since 1997 and afford the wearer up to 10 grams per meter squared of protection.
An extra set of eyes will ensure you get all JSLIST openings closed and all the straps secured.
For the inventory management process related to JSLIST, stovepiped, nonintegrated systems and processes result in DOD, the military services, and the military units not knowing how many items they have and where they are located," GAO said.
Keep track of how long JSLIST is out of Its bag and how many times you wash it.
Additional items that all deploying soldiers should have had were JSLIST (they did): 180 days' worth of prescription medicines (most did not): medical biological and chemical defense materiel (they did); and interceptor body armor (most had the outer tactical vest, but few had the small arms protective inserts).
In January 2003, we began to receive JSLIST suits at the Soldier level.
We are looking for new technologies and material combinatinns that allow us to combine chem/bio protection with flame retardancy without losing the ntost desirable characteristics of the JSLIST, such as rapid heat dissipation," said Reeves.
I think only one hood is needed per M40/M42 mask, especially since the hood isn't needed when worn with JSLIST.
But again, the requirements that we had were much greater than the amount of JSLIST on hand," he said.
This will be a two-part video covering the JSLIST chemical protective ensemble.
The JSLIST, as it is known, is replacing all existing chemical-protection suits throughout the services.