JSLSCADJoint Service Lightweight Standoff Chemical Agent Detector
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Additionally, CDS offers a commercial variant of the JSLSCAD, the I-SCAD for sale to international customers with an approved export license.
JSLSCAD is unlikely to be deployed aboard Stryker vehicles in the foreseeable future.
Military and industry sources confirmed that both the JSLSCAD and the joint chemical agent detector (JCAD) programs are under scrutiny by the office of the assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, Claude Bolton.
Like JSLSCAD, it failed to detect simulated agents in recent tests.
The joint program office for chemical and biological defense, which manages the development and testing of both systems, did not respond to several requests for information on the status of JSLSCAD and JCAD.
Although the JSLSCAD was not the system specified originally for the Stryker NBC RV, it was the "system the Army wanted, because it provides standoff range on the move," said a Stryker program official.
JSLSCAD has the potential to significantly enhance the safety of allied troops on the ground, and we are proud to provide General Dynamics with advanced scanner modules for this important system.
General Dynamics' JSLSCAD is the first chemical detection system designed with a 360-degree coverage field and range up to two kilometers.