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JSONJavaScript Object Notation
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TLS over JSON might provide one way of providing key material to the target devices to digitally sign data using applications.
Rob Goldfinger President of NominoData added, "The release of our JSON interchange format will be demonstrated at the upcoming ACAMS Financial Crimes conference in Las Vegas on September 24-27, 2017.
Does this mean that design team should have their team members run out and sign up for JSON certification classes?
JSON es un formato ligero basado en texto plano, cuya sintaxis esta basada en lenguaje JavaScript, lo cual permite sencillez en la generacion y procesamiento de documentos con este formato.
0 protocols including JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) are IETF RFC standards offering benefits such as system interoperability, scaling and fast time-to-market.
Assuming that the customer-facing website interacts with legacy enterprise systems via REST-based Web services, this interaction will result in two separate JSON messages being generated, order and payment.
El directorio de servicios es invocado desde el cliente movil a traves de red celular con el protocolo de Servicios web: REST, mediante el formato JSON (Javascript Object Notation) [11].
MemSQL also has extended SQL including JSON support.
The new version delivers greater performance, scalability and manageability, plus enhanced NoSQL capabilities with JSON support and MySQL Router, which makes it easy to connect applications to multiple MySQL databases.
This returns a JSON object that is much more programmatically useful.
GeoJSON derives from JSON format, which is developed specifically for storage of spatial data.
Oracle now provides very strong support for JSON embedded in the RDBMS.