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JSONJavaScript Object Notation
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Today, nearly 30 percent of all shopping sites are using JSON and another 15 percent of them are using AJAX.
0 protocols including JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) are IETF RFC standards offering benefits such as system interoperability, scaling and fast time-to-market.
OData richly complements our burgeoning efforts around data services, API management, JSON and AtomPub, and the move toward standardization at OASIS will only enhance that synergy.
The collaboration will enable real-time analytical applications on JSON data, including predictive maintenance and revenue-generation, in mission-critical environments.
KonaKart is a Java / JSP / XML-based solution with comprehensive easy to use java, SOAP, RMI, JSON and JavaScript APIs that allow you to quickly integrate eCommerce functionality into your existing systems.
They cover essentials of JavaScript and jQuery; the jQuery user interface; Ajax, JSON, and API; and jQuery essentials.
Axiomatics, Boeing, Dell, Forgerock, NextLabs, Oracle, and ViewDS show implementations of the XACML Intellectual Property Control, Export Control-US, JSON and REST Profiles.
0 programming has few technical prerequisites, beyond basic knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, and JSON for understanding code samples.
Ajax seems to have reached a tipping point where many software developers are examining this group of existing technologies (JavaScript, XML, JSON, DOM, XMLHttpRequest) as a potential model for future web applications," says Perry.
Security for REST / JSON based APIs - Azure API Gateway can be augmented with Barracuda Web Application Firewall to provide additional application layer security for REST / JSON based-APIs.
1 adds are JSON data sources, HTML5 report designer, MVC viewer, new options, shapes and functions.