JSRCJersey Shore Running Club (Shrewsbury, NJ)
JSRCJoint Search and Rescue Center
JSRCJoint Sub Regional Command
JSRCJoint Services Review Committee
JSRCJim Spivey Running Club (Chicago, IL and Nashville, TN)
JSRCJournal of Sedimentary Research
JSRCJoint Senior Review Council
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31) On May 28, 2004, the Japanese Diet promulgated the Lay Assessor's Act, (32) which codified many of the recommendations of the JSRC Report and set forth the structure of the new system.
The JSRC Report recommended that lay judges serve in cases involving serious crimes to which heavy statutory penalties apply, because these are the cases "in which the general public has a strong interest and that have a strong impact on society.
However, the current system falls short of the ambitious aims set forth in the JSRC Report.
152) Notably, the JSRC reformers specifically rejected proposals to videotape interrogations.
Despite the fact that practices such as daiyo kangoku and bekken taiho abridge defendants' constitutional rights, the JSRC Report specifically rejected proposals that the substitute prison system should be abolished and did not even mention the practice of consecutive arrests.
Yet the JSRC Report did not recommend eliminating koso appeals, (221) and the Lay Assessor's Act does not address the issue.
As already mentioned, these personnel struggle with dual tasking, serving as the component RCC and operational JSRC throughout the joint operations area.
In the years preceding and immediately following Desert Storm, PR predominantly meant rescuing downed aircrews (CSAR to most people), so it made great sense to place the JSRC with the air component.
Other c6mponent commanders have been highly reluctant to hand over control of their assets to the JSRC when they have their own war-fighting missions to carry out, and they fear being forced to use another component's TIP.
A special-operations commander with a team in distress should be able to tap into the JSRC for expertise without automatically passing control of the mission to another component.
An air-component JSRC that tries to assume TACON of non-JFACC forces for PR is frequently unaware of the overall campaign and of the impact its action will have on the surface fight.
This designation also indicates its new role, distinct from the one most people associate with the current JSRC model.