JSRSJavascript Remote Scripting
JSRSJapan Spine Research Society
JSRSJudges and Solicitors Retirement System
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BEA Systems Inc, for example, is backing JSRs 181 and 207 for web services and process definition based on Sun's JSR 175 for metadata.
In closing, candidates should remember that a job search is still a numbers game that is highly dependent upon getting personal information considered by as many potential JSRs as possible in order to find the next opportunity.
Since January 2004 to date 39 new projects were approved to be developed as JSRs through the JCP program.
The Java Community Process (JCP) is working on specifications like JSR 220, enabling scripting languages such as Perl to interact more easily with the next Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) specification, version 3.
These new JSRs reflect Java EE's position as one of the most flexible and adaptable application platforms in the market.
The JCP hopes to also define when and how JSRs span multiple editions of the Java platform, such as Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME).
Currently, 329 JSRs have been started and five new JSRs were initiated in the past year, all led by more than 90 different organizations, including open source communities and individuals.
JSR 294, Improved Modularity Support in the Java Programming Language; JSR 316, Java EE 6; and JSR 319, Availability Management.
These include a set of APIs for common programming of some features in the competing WebSphere and WebLogic application servers announced in November, and JSR 198 published by Oracle in November 2002.
He encourages adoption and feedback to his JSRs through making frequent public drafts available to the public and developing open source implementations of the specification.
The various oil and gas operators continuously tap into the JSRS system to seek and identify potential suppliers for their projects.
We implement lots of JSRs, discuss technology, and lots of the same people who sit on the JCP are on the Eclipse board.