JSSAJapan Society for System Audits
JSSAJoint Services SERE Agency
JSSAJoint Service Small Arms
JSSAJoint Stealth Strike Aircraft
JSSAJapan Shop System Award
JSSAJoint Systems Support Agency
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On 1 October 1999, in an action to enhance oversight of the PR mission area, the JSSA combined with the Air Force-assigned Joint Combat Search and Rescue Agency to become the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA), which had a much broader charter.
generally follow the JSSA in effectively holding that as long as the
violation of the JSSA, which she construed as imposing an affirmative
random jury selection procedures outlined in the JSSA.
ambiguous in the Sixth Amendment, in the JSSA, and even in Supreme Court
The JSSA allows the names of prospective jurors to be
Inside Information, JSSA, May 1934, 2, Jewish Division, NYPL.
As to JPRA's authority, when JSSA and JCRA were under the Air Force, which was the PR executive agency for DOD, they were arm twisters and could point out problems.
The Duren test's three prongs seem roughly to correspond to those of the Castaneda test, but since intentional discrimination need not be shown for Sixth Amendment or JSSA challenges, conventional wisdom has it that defendants will find it easier to prevail in fair cross-section cases.
35) The correct question where the Sixth Amendment and the JSSA are concerned is whether the defendant's right to trial by a jury "selected at random from a fair cross-section of the community"(36) has been violated.
In deciding that a certain degree of underrepresentation does not constitute "substantial" underrepresentation, courts have noted that neither the Constitution nor the JSSA guarantees juries or jury panels that are mirror images of the community.
Myers commented: "The ISOPREP software program we custom-designed for JSSA is, to our knowledge, the first of its kind in the world.