JSSRJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion
JSSRJapanese Society of Sleep Research
JSSRJerusalem School of Synoptic Research (est. 1985; Israel and US)
JSSRJournal of Social Studies Research (International Society for the Social Studies)
JSSRJapanese Society of Stoma Rehabilitation (Asian Society of Stoma Rehabilitation)
JSSRJustice and Security Sector Reform
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A number of scientists and researchers from around the world including Jordan will participate in the meeting that aims to encourage cooperation between scientific and economic institutions as well as integrate scientific research with development, a JSSR statement said Saturday.
JSSR President Anwar Battikhi said that the conference will tackle important issues, including education, water resources and environmental management, applications of industrial engineering, Information and communications technology (ICT), current and future applications of stem cells and many other important issues.
The meeting aims at bridging better communication between researchers and decision makers to enhance the contribution of research outcomes in decision making, JSSR official added.
Anwar Battikhi, President of JSSR, the conference will provide a platform for the transfer of expertise to countries that depend on the use of solar energy to countries which lack resources to generate energy and could better utilise alternative energy.
JSSR President, Anwar Battikhi, who moderated the seminar, pointed to modest spending on scientific research in Jordan, but said the Kingdom is still in a better position in that area than others in the developing world.