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JSTARSJoint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
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The Air Force-Army JSTARS E-8C carries a radar that provides intelligence on the movement of ground forces, plus a battle management system.
Embracing the United States government's desire for strong industry partnerships, the Lockheed Martin-led team will provide the Air Force capabilities superior to the current JSTARS.
Within WARSIM, the MUSE also supports MTI generation, simulating a JSTARS feed.
A master navigator with more than 4,200 flying hours, primarily in the RC-135 Rivet Joint and E-8C JSTARS, he has flown missions during combat operations in Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, Haiti, Kosovo, and Iraq, as well as worldwide sensitive reconnaissance operations missions.
4-tonne Northrop Grumman E-8C Jstars, based on the Boeing 707-300.
These key enablers were provided principally by AWACs and JSTARs, which contributed to the common operating picture that extended from the AOC to our tactical aircraft.
On the basis of JSTARs information, the Army corps, division, and brigade commanders rapidly develop their concepts of operations, which key all the battlefield functions to the support of maneuver.
Although AWACS and JSTARS performed admirably in their respective design roles, as an ad hoc ABCCC they were not as effective as the Air Force hoped.
The Predator unmanned aerial vehicle and the JSTARS surveillance aircraft, for instance, were still in the experimental stage when used in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf War, respectively.
We had a JSTARS on station to pass along the targeting information to the strike aircraft, which would locate and engage the targets.
There are no other aircraft anywhere that can command and control the air and land battle with the speed, accuracy, or breadth of AWACS and JSTARS.
His team is responsible for JSTARS requirements, advanced development, international projects, modeling and simulation, and test support.