JSVMJoint Scalable Video Model
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In this section, we introduce how to produce SVC and CSVC from JSVM test model of H.
The encoding were operated according to the JSVM algorithm [20].
For more detailed information, please refer to the JSVM Software Manual [30].
Then, the filtered NALU trace file is passed to JSVM BitStreamExtractor to retrieve the NALUs that are effectively decoded at the receiving side, and then decodes them into YUV video.
For the experiments, SOCCER_352x288_30_oring_02_yuv video clip was encoded into SVC profile layers using reference software JSVM (Joint Scalable Video Model) [14], as is shown in Table 1.
Bit-stream characteristics of the SVC profile layers JSVM Layer Resolution Frame Rate Bitrate (kbps) Spatial Level 20 352x288 30 594.