JSWSJoint Staffing Watch Survey (Scotland, UK)
JSWSJoint STARS Work Station
JSWSJoint Services Work Station
JSWSJava System Web Server (Sun; business application software)
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The LET focuses on CGS and JSWS configuration, operation, maintenance, and repair.
Packed in its own transit cases, the JSWS is a mobile, highly deployable system that can support a wide range of global missions including wartime battlefield management; low, medium and high intensity crisis management; peace keeping operations; war on drugs; and contingency operations.
PM Joint STARS is looking forward to managing this program and providing a common work station for all services," said Hank Wollman, program manager, JSWS, Joint STARS Program Office.
It will raise confidence levels in the critical decisions needed for decisive victories on the modern battlefield," said Mark Fried, corporate vice president and general manager of the Motorola Integrated Systems Division (ISD), the business division that is the prime contractor for the JSWS.
The JSWS will allow joint service commanders to receive data on the same platform and see situations with a reliability never before possible and make decisions with certainty.
The CGS and JSWS of today receive MTI and SAR imagery not only from Joint STARS but also from the U-2R and the Airborne Reconnaissance Low (ARL).
Operators from the CGS and JSWS also feed the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) database and provide the "now battle" picture to the intelligence operational picture.
The JSWS fielding will be to the Regional Unified Commands, U.
As the Army transforms to the Objective Force, technology will continue to improve and so will the capabilities of the CGS and JSWS.