JSXJava Serialization to XML
JSXJoint Stars Simulator Experimental
JSXJASDAQ (Japanese Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) Securities Exchange, Inc. (Japan)
JSXJakarta Stock Exchange
JSXJohannesburg Stock Exchange (South Africa)
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BANGKOK, Thailand -- JSX management is pleased to confirm that it has been awarded Petroleum Concessions L3/48 and L9/48 by Thailand's Ministry of Energy.
Several leads may require additional seismic acquisition to confirm and determine optimum drilling locations before being tested", said Sam Cohen, JSX Energy's Executive Director in Bangkok.
The Board of Directors of JSX Energy is pleased to announce that the requisite approval for the assignments was duly granted by the Thai Government.
JSX President Mas Achmad Daniri said 85 of the companies could be delisted as a result of their financial reports in the first half of this year, while the other 11 faced a similar fate, based on their financial reports last year.
23% by local investor with the TELKOM's share market capitalization around 15% from its total market capitalization in JSX.
Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) and four stock exchanges in ASEAN will list 100 best stocks from the five regional markets, JSX President Erry Firmansyah said.
He has undertaken a number of extensive projects in the Country over the past 30 years, including a complete gravity survey of the Mae Sot Basin and an in-depth interpretation of the prolific Phitsanulok Basin, which includes the 380,000,000 barrel Sirikit oilfield next door to JSX Block L17 in Mae Sot.
Management believes more shareholder value can be created by building a solid long-term relationship with the right strategic partner and we expect to announce our final decision within the coming weeks," said JSX President Luc Desmarais.
BANGKOK, Thailand -- JSX management is encouraged by the tremendous progress being made in negotiations with strategic partner to explore and develop the Mae Sot basin.
Meanwhile, TPI trade on the JSX was moved from the main board to the development board on June 30, 2000 as it failed to meet trading requirements.
HOUSTON -- JSX Energy announced today that the Company has engaged a leading industry expert in environmental impact assessments (EIA), which is required by the Thai government for the Company's Drilling Program.
A spokesman of the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) Yose Rizal said JSX will not take action by suspending trading of Barito shares because of the suspension of the factory operation.